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WFC Qualification EUR3 Team presentations: POL, RUS, HUN, AUT, GB – 30.01.2012

The Men´s WFC Qualification Europe 3 is played in Zbaszyn, Poland, February 1st - 5th 2012 with five teams.

The match schedule and more information found from the IFF WFCQ Eur 3 website.

The qualification will be played in one group where the teams meet each other once. The two best teams of every European qualification group and the best 3rd team of all European Qualifications (average result per match) will qualify to the Men´s WFC 2012 played in December.

Poland Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 2000: 12th
WFC 2002: 13th
WFC 2006: 21th
WFC 2008: 12th
WFC 2010: 9th

#20 M. Mikulski

#13 A. Bartlomiej

#21 A. Burnik

Poland - The Polish team has been climbing up the ranking since 2006 and the 9th ranked team is aiming to take a place in the Final round tournament.
Players to be noted
Mattias Mikulski: a defender who plays in Swedish Superleague for Caperiotäby. He is always plays good and is a tough defender to meet. He scored 7+3 in the WFC 2010.
Augustyn Bartlomiej: a center who is a great playmaker.
Patryk Wronka: a young playmaker who will make his debut in the Adult WFC context. Wronka is able to find his teammates on the field with his fantastic passes.

Russia Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 1996: 6th
WFC 1998: 7th
WFC 2000: 8th
WFC 2002: 9th
WFC 2004: 7th
WFC 2006: 9th
WFC 2008: 7th
WFC 2010: 8th

#4 D. Uglanov

#8 V. Goshenenkoa

# 7 V. Maslov

Russia - Team Russia also aims to finish within the top 2 to qualify for the Final round played in December 2012.
Players to be noted
Dmitry Uglanov: a defender, who is physically very fit. He has been playing in the Czech Republic for several years now. He plays for the club FBC Liberec.
Vladimir Gorshenenkoa: a quick defender with a strong wrist shot. He played his first WFC in 2004.
Valery Maslov: a center forward, who is a very good playmaker finding his teammates on the field.

Hungary Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 1996: 10th
WFC 2000: 16th
WFC 2002: 15th
WFC 2004: 13th
WFC 2006: 12th
WFC 2008: 17th
WFC 2010: 21st

#29 M. Bagi

#11 G. Varga

#13 D. Schmidt

Hungary - The team is hungry for winning! Hungary would like to be the best defending team and very dangerous in attacking! The aim is also be an extremely hard opponent for all teams but keeping in mind the rules of Fair Play. The goal is to qualify.
Players to be noted
Martin Bagi: a goalkeeper with fast reflexes and amazing saves... cannot imagine anyone better for this position!
Gero Varga: a big fighter that can make fantastic goals in important moments of the tough games.
Dennis Schmidt: the heart of the team ant the positive mental engine. He can make tricks in every situation and is always dangerous in the offence.

Austria Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 1998: 11th
WFC 2000: 10th
WFC 2002: 10th
WFC 2004: 10th
WFC 2006: 15th
WFC 2008: 14th
WFC 2010: 24th

#9 S. Sendlhofer

#15 R. Herzog

#21 F. Moosburger

Austria - Austria will compete in this qualifying with a new beginning. A lot of young players are gaining their first international experience. The aim will be to play with positive surprises in a good tournament. 
Players to be noted
Sigi Sendlhofer: is the record holder in international matches in Austria having now played a total of 77 internationals. Has a great game overview. 
Roland Herzog: has a good eye for scoring goals.
Felix Moosburger: a young and very quick player with a great vision of the court.

Great Britain Men

Participations & Placements
WFC 2000: 13th
WFC 2002: 18th
WFC 2004: 16th
WFC 2006: 19th
WFC 2008: 20th
WFC 2010: 31st

#7 J. Needham

#9 G. Petterson

#17 G. Bird

Great Britain - The team consists of young players and more established players in GB. The GB team is extremely ambitious and highly motivated to achieve the best performance. The ultimate aim is to enjoy the whole experience and promote GB floorball  at it´s best!   
Players to be noted
Josh Needham: having played in 3 International matches both out field and as Goalie, he is a natural and has determination to achieve his best performance.   
Gary Patterson: again a young player is the top goal scorer in the Scottish league, having also played 2 in both Czech Republic and Amsterdam.
Jack Bird: the youngest player in the squad, he has tremendous speed and talent also played for U19.

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