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Teams in the Men´s & Women´s finals in Austria – 22.03.2012

The Austrian Men´s and Women´s semi-finals have been decided and Zell and Vienna will play in the Women´s semi-finals. VSV and Zell will again meet in the Men´s final.

VSV and Zell won the Men´s best of three semi-final series. These teams will meet in the Finals for the 4th time.

VSV has been the champion three times and Zell two times. Thrilling and tough games are expected also this year.

VSV´s 3 Swedish players strengthening the team

Simon Jönnson from Helsingborg in the Superliga and Peter Lindström and Emil Gullstrand from the Farm team Ramlösa are now living and playing in Villach. Jönnson played 10 games out of 14 but is tied as the best scorer of the league with 26 goals and 26 assists. Timo Schmid was the top scorer in 2011.

In the regular season VSV won every game and is now focused to get the perfect season with no losses. After 14 games VSV has a goal difference of +134 when the second placed team has that of +79.

Zell has an experienced team

Zell could win the first game against KAC 12-8, but it was a very tough game for both teams. After the first period Zell was leading 2-1 and after the second period the score was 7-7. In the start of the third period KAC was leading 8-7, but Zell won 12-8 after a hard battle and due to mistakes by the KAC defense.

Zell lost 3 games in the regular season and lost both games against VSV. Zell has three Swedish and one Italian player.

Semi-final results:

VSV vs Vienna 14-7, 10-3
Zell vs KAC 12-8, 7-4

Watch highlights on RTS! (Regional TV Salzburg)

VSV´s Jönsson scored 7+4 in 2 play-off games and is now the play-off top scorer.

The finals, VSV - Zell , will be played with a best of five system and the first match is played next Saturday March 24th and will continue on March 31st - April 1st. If needed, the 4th match is played on April 14th and the 5th match on April 21st.

Women´s finals starting

The best of three semi-finals series were won by Zell and Vienna, who will meet in the finals.

Women´s semi-final results:

Zell - Leoben 1-0, 7-3
Wien - Zurndorf 2-1, 4-2

The Women´s finals are played with a best of three system and will start on Saturday March 24th. The second game is March 31st and, if needed, the third game will be played on April 1st.

More Austrian play-off information: www.floorball.at & www.floorballflash.at (liveticker for every match).