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Djurgården join IKSU in Swedish women´s semi-finals. – 24.03.2012

Djurgården won the fourth quarter-final match against Falun 5-3, and now join IKSU in the Swedish women´s semi-finals.

In this best-of-five series, Djurgården had to really fight to get their spot in the semi-finals. They managed to just win the first two games in overtime, lost the third game, and only really secured their final win in the fourth game in the last couple of minutes. 

In the other quarter-finals, both series are now at 2-2 and will be decided in the fifth and final game. KAIS Mora had a strong win over Endre IF, 10-3, and Rönnby narrowly defeated Pixbo 6-5

The last quarter-finals matches will both be played on 25th March.

23.3.2012  IKSU´s third win over Dalen puts them through to the semi-finals.  

IKSU beat Dalen 3-1 in the best-of-five quarter finals, with a clear victory in the last match which ended 7-3. The match was very tight for two periods, but in the third IKSU played like a gold candidate.

Tonight the rest of the quarter–finals are played. Pixbo W, Endre and Djurgården are all leading their match series 2-1, and a win tonight will put them through to the semi-finals.

Quater-Finals Friday 23.03.2012 at 19.00
Pixbo W - Rönnby
Endre - KAIS Mora
Falun - Djurgården

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