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Women´s U19 WFC 2012 B-division Team presentations – 27.04.2012

Five teams will play in the Women´s U19 WFC B-division and the winner will be promoted to the A-division for 2014.

The WFC is played May 1st - 5th in Nitra, Slovakia. More information from the Official WU19 website and from the IFF WU19 Event page.


Germany Women Under 19

Participations & Placements

WFC 2004: 7th
WFC 2006: 8th
WFC 2008: 8th
WFC 2010: 11th

#7 P. Baumgarten

#2 J. Gacon

#10 J. Engel

Germany: A newly formed team supplemented with more experienced players. The aim is to learn a lot from this experience.
Players to be noted:
Pauline Baumgarten- she is the top scorer of her team and the 2nd best scorer in Germany. A very skilled and tough player.
Josephin Gacon - a physically strong defender, played Women WFC 2011. She is a leader on and off the court.
Larissa Engel - the playmaker in the team and she has good scoring qualities too.  

Austria Women Under 19

Participations & Placements
WFC 2010: 12th

#5 K. Heike

#19 J. Steinhauser

#98 P. Körper

Austria:A team consisting of team players with the aim to reach a direct qualification spot for the next WFC and expexting positve surprises.
Players to be noted:
Christina Hieke - she took the 3rd place in the topscorer list in the Austrian Women´s league this season.
Julia Steinhauser - a well perfoming center, who is important for the team.
Petra Körper - a goalkeeper that has also gained experiance from the women´s national team. She shows no fear in tough situations.

Denmark Women Under 19

Participations & Placements
Not participated in WU19 event before

#1 I. Christensen

 #7 J. Damm

   # 12 A. Thaarup

Denmark - A very young team with lack of international experience. The goal is to reach the best result based on the ability.
Players to be noted
Ida Christensen- Playes in a team, which won the Swedish U18 champion. Talented goalie with fast hands.
Jasmin Damm- A star in the national team, very fast among other qualities.
Anne Sofie Thaarup-The leader of the team, who has vision for both defence and offence.

Latvia Women Under 19

Participations & Placements

WFC 2004: 4th
WFC 2006: 7th
WFC 2008: 7th
WFC 2010: 8th

#13 L. Bilinska

#15 I. Lapinska

#20 K. Taurina

Latvia - The main aim is to play much more better than previously. It is important to win and get back to the A-divison. The team prepared to play for every centimeter on the field during all matches.
Players to be noted
Luīze Biļinska - player with fast and good individual techniques. A real leade and power play forward.
Ieva Lapinska - very technical, and can make quick decisions. Is excellent in cooperating with partners and has an exact shoot.
Kristīne Tauriņa - defender who excellent play not only in defence but
 can also be a very good forward. She can do very exact shots from different distances.

Canada Women Under 19

Participations & Placements

Not participated in WU19 event before

#4 B. Hone

#68 V. Champman

#11 CJ Tipping

Canada: Canada is establishing a new U-19 women´s program and the goal is to participate and gain experience moving into the 2014 World Championships.
Players to be noted
Beth Hone - most experienced member of the squad and has also been named to the Senior Women´s National Team.   
Victoria Chapman -  very skilled hockey player who can also play Floorball at a high level.   
CJ Tipping - eligible for the 2014 World´s a very dedicated and accomplished hockey and Floorball player.