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Denmark, Poland and Austria favourites in WFC Qualification Europe 1 – 20.01.2010

The World Championships Qualification Europe 1 will be played with eight teams divided into two groups. The tournament is played in Zbaszyn and Babimost in Poland from the 3rd - 6th of February.
Two teams will make it to the WFC Final round from this Qualification. Below the top 4 ranked teams presented.
Denmark and Poland will play in group A and Austria and Hungary in group B in the WFC Q. The teams placed 1st and 2nd in both groups will play in the Qualification Finals on February 6th (1st A - 2nd B & 1st B - 2nd B) and the winners of the Qualification Finals will play in the WFC 2010 Final round.

Based on the results from the 2008 World Championships Denmark (ranked 9th) can be considered a favourite to qualify. Poland lost the B-division final in 2008 and has the second highest ranking (12th) before Austria (14th) and Hungary (17th).

Nielsen in the WFC 2008/picture: Ondrej Klima

Denmark is the only team that played in the WFC A-division in 2008 and can be considered as a favourite of the Qualification.

The team consists of both young and experiences players. One player with experience from previous World Championships is the forward Henrik Engelsen # 7 born 1984, who has played in the WFC´s: 2001(U19), 2004, 2006 & 2008.

One of the younger players, who has already  gained experience from both the Under 19 WFC and the Adult´s WFC in 2008 is the forward Ilias Nielsen # 10 born 1989.

Mikulski in the B-division final in 2008/picture: Ondrej Klima

Poland has developed a lot at all parts of the game and the aim is to qualify for the world championships in Finland. The Polish team consists of a good mix of different player types. The biggest star in the Polish team is Mattias Makulski # 20 (in picture), who plays for Storvreta IBK in the Swedish Superleague.

Although Mikulski plays as defender he was the top scorer of the Polish team in the WFC 2008 with 8+8 and his strength, technique, tactical knowledge and leadership are of great importance. Another goal scorer is the technical forward Jan Hajdus # 11, who scored 8+3 in the WFC 2008 B-division.

Hofer in WFC 2008 face-off/picture: Martin Neuzil

Team Austria lost the B-division bronze match against USA in 2008 and are the 3rd ranked team of the Qualification tournament Europe 1. 

Austria will play with a very young team in the Qualifications with the goal to reach the WFC Final round, which would be sensation for Austrian Floorball.

The defender Peter Hofer # 82 who plays for Surahammars IBF in Sweden is one of the experienced players as he has participated in all the WFC´s since 2000. Hofer brings calmness to the Austrian team and also his ability to read and open the game will be valuable.

Joël Bale # 21is another experienced player and he is very dangerous with his ability to score goals from varying game situations. In the WFC 2008 he collected 7+3. 

Oliver Schmidt in WFC 2008/picture: Martin Neuzil

The fourth ranked team of the Qualification, Hungary (overall ranking 17th) wishes to challenge the favourites with a dream to qualify to the WFC Final round.

The Schmidt brothers, the defender Oliver Schmidt # 13 representing Nykvarns IF and the forward Dennis Schmidt # 5 from Södertälje IBK, are two of the dominant players of the Hungarian team. Both players have played in all WFC´s since 2002 and their experience and mentality makes them important for the team.

One of the young talents is the only 16-year old defender Bence Farsang # 12, who played in the Under 19 WFC 2009. Farsang is expected to make his international break on the adult level during the Qualification tournament.

More WFC Qualification team presentations coming up soon.

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